Green Bay Glory helps their athletes continue to play the sport they love into their adult life by providing opportunities for competition beyond their schooling throughout the year. These sports teams incorporate high level competition with real work and life experience. These teams keep the athletes strong, healthy, and happy so they can further their impact on society. Green Bay Glory provides outlets for athletes in a number of sports through organized teams, tournaments, and competitions which are funded by public donations and support.


Green Bay Glory partners with community businesses to offer jobs and internships for Green Bay Glory athletes so they can grow their skills in the workforce and become leaders in their field and the community. We take in account the athlete’s areas of study, interests, and passions, and match them with business opportunities that align with their goals. We help athletes with resumes, interviews, and career guidance and placement. Green Bay Glory athletes also have opportunities to be mentored by community leaders so they can learn how to apply their gifts and talents into the world. These job placement opportunities are provided year round but mostly during the summer months. These services help both the athlete and the community by matching quality candidates with opportunities that align to make for a better experience for the community.


Green Bay Glory athletes have opportunities to mentor youth through camps, service work, and public engagements to help develop their leadership skills and be role models for our young athletes of the world. We provide volunteer and service opportunities in the schools, youth teams and programs during the summer but also throughout the year to help further advance leadership in the community.


Green Bay Glory and its athletes works to build the community by hosting events, drives, and offering service opportunities.Athletes will get a chance to take their skills off the field and put them to work in the community by helping others. These service opportunities are available throughout the year.


Green Bay Glory provides life skills training and guidance to it’s athletes in the areas of financial, health, spiritual, relationships, career, and purpose so our young athletes can learn to become healthy well-rounded individuals who can service the community. These training services and workshops are available year round.